Are you waiting to try and apply for a home loan because you think that your credit score needs to be at a certain point in order to qualify for that loan?



Don’t do that. I see this happen all the time, and quite frequently we can actually already help a client, but maybe another lender is told no to because, remember, every lending institution that you talk to is going to have different credit score requirements. In particular, if you’re talking to a bank or credit union, it is always going to have a higher credit score requirement than a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker.

So you might already be there. And if you’re not, then you need to be working with a lender who will be able to help you with a scoring model that will tell you exactly what you need to be working on, not what you think you need to be working on. What are you actually working on to improve your credit and get you on a path to homeownership?

So, it costs you nothing. Give me a call if you want to see exactly where you’re sitting and how we can help you out.

If you’re talking to a bank or credit union, it is always going to have a higher credit score requirement than a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker.

Bethany Ashby


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